Is your computer running like a snail?Is your computer slowing down? Do you fill that your pc doesn’t run the speed that it did when you purchased it? Do restart your machine very often? Does your pc crashes regularly, even on smallest tasks? If so, then you have a registry problem. Studies have shown that over 74% of computers have corrupted, invalid or unrecognised registries.

What is Registry?

Registry is a database that stores all the information about your pc, such as: hardware, operating system, software, applications, PC users and user preferences.

Every time you install new software on your pc, it will add a “key” on the registry. This will allowed your computer to load and recognise the software, and be able to operated it when need it.

This means that every time you start your machine, the first thing that your operation system (windows) will do is to load the registry settings to start all the programs.

So where is the problem?

The problem is that, when a user installs and uninstalls programs, software or applications. It generates registry alterations, that will result in machine slow downs.

But why does the pc slow down?

Simply because, when you uninstall any application, it will only remove the files of the software. But it will not remove the registry “keys”. This will result in invalid, corrupted and unrecognised registry “keys”.

So you see, after a period of time, your pc will accumulate lots of invalid, unrecognised and corrupted registry “keys”.

These clutter of invalid, corrupted and unrecognised registry “keys”, will waste the pc processor power. Resulting in a pc slow down.

So what is the solution?

The solution is to perform a registry cleanup; this will remove all the invalid, corrupted and unrecognised registry “keys” on your machine.

And once the invalid, corrupted and unrecognised registry “keys” are removed your pc will run on its maximum power!

We found 3 of the best registry cleaner’s software’s on the market, we run a test on each one of them and rated them based on the testing results. All of 3 performed very well! They removed 97% of invalid registry clutter.

Although all 3 of them worked very well in removing most of the invalid, corrupted and unrecognised registry “keys” on the machine, but one stand out to be the best one to perform the task more quicker and more effectively. Registry Easy.

Below are the results of the test:

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